Friday, November 2, 2018

Azure Monitor for Containers

Microsoft Azure team has released a useful tool for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) called Azure Monitor - container health monitoring capability. And it’s in public preview right now and developers are welcome to work on it. This will Enables to developers to track the health and performance of your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. Later, Microsoft will release new features and updates to onboarding and the portal experience.

What is Azure Monitor for container

Azure Monitor for containers works as the performance visibility by collecting memory and processor metrics from controllers, nodes, and containers that are available in Kubernetes through the Metrics API and Logs even. After User enable monitoring from Kubernetes clusters, these metrics and logs are automatically collected for you through a containerized version of the Log Analytics agent for Linux and stored in your Log Analytics workspace.

What does Azure Monitor for containers provide?

Azure Monitor for containers includes several pre-defined views that show the residing container workloads and what affects the performance health of the monitored Kubernetes cluster so that you can:

·        Identify AKS containers that are running on the node and their average processor and memory utilization. This knowledge can help you identify resource bottlenecks.
·        Identify where the container resides in a controller or a pod. This knowledge can help you view the controller's or pod's overall performance.
·        Review the resource utilization of workloads running on the host that are unrelated to the standard processes that support the pod.
·        Understand the behavior of the cluster under average and heaviest loads. This knowledge can help you identify capacity needs and determine the maximum load that the cluster can sustain.

Enhancements to onboarding 

  • ·        Using Azure CLI, users can measure the container health with existing Log Analytics workspace 
  • ·        By clicking UI portal button, will be quickly enable the existing AKS environment.

Usability improvements in the performance grid

  •  New Cluster tab: cluster performance line chart view for aggregated cluster performance and pod statuses 
  • Added filter to exclude kube-system from the UI to present customer workloads only
  •  Added Average/Min/Max/50th/90th/95th percentiles selector for metrics on performance grid and line chart  
  • Ability to search by name and sort by all columns  

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