Tuesday, June 23, 2015

4 Great SharePoint 2013 Branding Features

Branding SharePoint sites was an easy task prior to SharePoint 2013. Many developers focused on supporting a few versions of Internet Explorer and asked users to use it for SharePoint-related activities.

Then Microsoft announced SharePoint 2013, which works well with an array of additional browsers and devices thanks to responsive design. With the need to make designs more responsive and facilitate multiple browsers, Microsoft has brought the design process to a new level with multiple components.

Before we look at four branding features in SharePoint 2013, it's important to mention the SharePoint 2013 Design Manager component, which better facilitates designing and branding capabilities. It takes care of overall design of a SharePoint site by providing some great customizable options. Design Manager is located at the "Look and Feel" section of the "Site Settings" page.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

2 Sessions at SPBiz Conference

I was chosen to deliver 2 sessions at the SPBiz Online Conference held on June 2015. It was great to line up with some great speakers around the world.

The two sessions conducted are as follows along with the slide decks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Single Sign-On in SharePoint: Why I Like Secure Store Service

SharePoint isn't a product created to function alone. Many of its features allow data or the functionalities from external systems to be integrated with SharePoint. It has several APIs to integrate with web services and Business Connectivity Services to integrate data from other sources.

Most organizations have integrated SharePoint with Windows Authentication, so the user doesn’t have to even type credentials to log into SharePoint.

But how about allowing a SharePoint user to sign into another system for another functionality? Is there something like a single sign-on (SSO) that keeps the user from having to enter credentials to the same service again and again?