Friday, November 25, 2011

A big Annual General Meeting for INTECS

INTECS, as it is known for the INformation TEChnology Society of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa celebrated it’s Annual General Meeting 2011/ 2012 on 24th November 2011. The Distinguished Chief Guest was Mr. Madu Ratnayaka, Vice President and General Manager of Virtusa Corporation. The Guest of Honor was Prof. Dileeka Dias, the former Dean of the faculty. The event was sponsored by ICTA Sri Lanka and IFS by being Strategic Partner and the Gold Sponsor.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Freeze Source 2011: Sharks are ready…

Freeze Source 2011, The .NET Technology Awareness Workshop for students of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka is scheduled to happen on 27th and 28th of October 2011.This will be a great opportunity for people who are interested in learning technology and sharing it with the people. University of Moratuwa has been a source of technology for decades and they have shown colors in many events and has gain a keep reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in the South Asia. It is a place where number of talents came out with extraordinary skills that could compete with the high profiles in the world of technology. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vitality of Time Management in Projects

We are people who play with time. Every single second that passes from now onwards as well as every single second that has already passed would have made a significant change in a person’s life. It means every single second we spend on earth is important for everyone individually. Its way far important when it comes to the business world where we negotiate with business partners and customers who do own same set of tasks to be accomplished within a limited time period.
One of the major complaints that are being made by the customers of the IT project development teams is that not being punctual on project delivery. This may affect many of the clients’ aspects and make him unhappy. It may directly affect the client’s business plans and a considerable amount of delay can affect the changes of customer requirements.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nokia Joined, Skype Bought, What’s Next with Microsoft?

The topic looks much controversial. Isn’t it? Microsoft, the largest software vendor in the world will be spending millions and billions up to maximum possible extent to build up the largest client base. Apple was a threat to Microsoft a few months ago and it seems that threatening remains same. But, Microsoft has approached something exceptional that Apple even could not think. Since early 2000s, Microsoft’s marketing strategy has been much more towards earning people over earning dollars. The best suitable phrase might be retaining people than earning people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEXiT 2011 – The National Exhibition of Information Technology

Since early days, a doctor is a Trademark of an excellence. The reason is that a huge amount of people were facilitated by their service. But today, a Software Engineer is also considered as a symbol of excellence. The reason is that everyone is getting benefitted by Information Technology today. We know what are the available technologies. But the doubt is that are we using them at the certain situations? We do need to use the most applicable and the suitable technology from the bunch of available technologies.
Are Sri Lankans really benefited by the Information Technology? it is true that we are having certain limitations with investing money and other resources. But the wastage spent for the other alternatives might have been used in a utilized manner. We are using cars to drive at a speed of a rickshaw to travel from Fort to Bambalapitiya. Galle Road is highly dense with vehicles sometimes. But we do not get to know that early. How long a rural citizen waste waiting for a bus in a bus halt? That person must have fertilized his paddy fields in that time. How can a disable person use a computer? They might have been foreign currency earners for the country if they were benefited with the proper equipments. Data entry can be voice commanded and might have saved finger tips of thousands.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can Google Survive From Bing Challenge

It is a well-known fact that Google has been the giant fulfilling thrust of Web Searching. It was a long journey that Google has come out after starting their business in a garage. They have achieved several goals and passed remarkable milestones to become the world’s best search engine and the highest web traffic holder on the web. According to Alexa Rankings, is ranked number one. It got 704,402 websites linking to it. Number of services that are provided by Google is excellent and unbelievable. It has enhanced its searching capabilities to an unbelievable extend.

Do Sri Lankan Starters Use Social Media Effectively?

Sri Lanka, being a country having 1,776,220 Internet Users by June 2010 out of the 20 Million population by that time has gained a keen reputation as valuable internet users since number of messy sites were blocked by the government. According to the statistics 838,380 amount of people use Facebook by end of March 2011. This supposed to be increased rapidly since it has shown a 3.9% of penetration during that quarter.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011- Sri lanka Finals

Microsoft Imagine Cup is one of the world’s most popular competitions for the students in background of Information Technology. This year’s project theme was “Use technology to Solve World’s Toughest Problems”. Microsoft gave Millennium Development Goals declared by the United Nations and the theme continued for around three to four years. Since the development goals are to be achieved in year 2015, I am afraid the theme will be there until 2014.