Friday, May 20, 2011

Nokia Joined, Skype Bought, What’s Next with Microsoft?

The topic looks much controversial. Isn’t it? Microsoft, the largest software vendor in the world will be spending millions and billions up to maximum possible extent to build up the largest client base. Apple was a threat to Microsoft a few months ago and it seems that threatening remains same. But, Microsoft has approached something exceptional that Apple even could not think. Since early 2000s, Microsoft’s marketing strategy has been much more towards earning people over earning dollars. The best suitable phrase might be retaining people than earning people.

Since open source technologies looked to threaten the Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft yet conquers as the giant most areas. That is because they have found the languages that speak with people’s hearts while innovating the languages that communicate with machines. Few years ago, every middle class person was looking to buy a Nokia Phone. But today, the Nokia market has dropped down. But they still remember the name Nokia. Still they are the best suitable mobile phones for a middle class person. Nokia always lead their reputation with factors such like usability, durability and affordability. Microsoft expects to introduce Windows Phone to Nokia within couple of months where Windows phone was one of the major fall downs that Microsoft ever made. Let’s see the way how both stand together.
Skype, the most reputed video and audio calling client with enhanced set of features was acquired for 8.5 billion US dollars. Does Skype worth that much? Yes of course. From the perspective of amount of users who use it, it may worth more than that. Now it is about creating something exceptional that could help Microsoft to improve the features of Skype and make it a daily used application among the most of people again.
What about Apple Now? What about Open Source competitors? Will they be able to hit back over these billion dollar deals? One day we may see that Microsoft squiring Linux from all the worldwide developers. This business has now moved up to killing enemies by making them friends of Microsoft. Stay alive. A lot of circus to be displayed by Balmer and the Gang.

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