Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can Google Survive From Bing Challenge

It is a well-known fact that Google has been the giant fulfilling thrust of Web Searching. It was a long journey that Google has come out after starting their business in a garage. They have achieved several goals and passed remarkable milestones to become the world’s best search engine and the highest web traffic holder on the web. According to Alexa Rankings, Google.com is ranked number one. It got 704,402 websites linking to it. Number of services that are provided by Google is excellent and unbelievable. It has enhanced its searching capabilities to an unbelievable extend.

In early days of web, innovation was everything. That is why Facebook came over Hi5, Google came over Yahoo. All those were having simple innovations behind them. Facebook was integrated with chat, so people left Hi5. Google was simple, calm and well indexed. So people gave up Yahoo. But, today replacing any of them is not easy. It is hard to replace Facebook, Google since they are multimillion companies. They can spent dollars and buy anything up-to any extend to gain popularity.
Bing was introduced by Microsoft as we all know in such an environment. But, Microsoft had millions of people with them to face the above mentioned problem. They can market any product, update since they have the larger proportion of Web Browser users(Internet Explorer) as well as Operating System(Microsoft Windows) users. They were well supported with the existing searches such as Live Search and Yahoo Search. Value of Bing has increased with the available rich set of features in it. User attraction is more than ever believed by everyone. There is a hidden complexity that was solved by the provided simple interface.
As it is said, Google has lost their popularity due to the failure of their new features. The newly introduced Instant Search feature is almost unaccepted by the Google users. Bing has several features that Google attracted their users. Apart from them, there are unique set of features which will forcefully attracted by the users.
Video Thumbnail Preview
Google provides the facility of streaming videos on Google so, user need to to be in the original website. This is well enhanced in Bing so the users can view the thumbnail of the video with other available video thumbnails around it. Most highlighted advantage is that Bing users can view the Thumbnail Videos from sites that are regionally blocked. It means YouTube videos can be viewed in Thumbnail view for the users in YouTube blocked countries.
Daily Background Images
It is amazing how Bing defines mechanisms on improving knowledge aspects of its users. Bing users will be much more informative than the Google users for sure. I got to know about many animals, plant specifies from these Background
Images. They may be not directly relevant to the web users. But it may improve general knowledge of them.
Descriptive Search Navigation Pane
Small descriptions on the searched pages are followed by the link related to that page in both Google and Bing. But the site may not contain what user exactly wants. This may mislead the users in several situations. For example, a user may search for “Dedicated Server Hosting”. The user is looking for a web hosting service that can give user a dedicated server for some
charge. Such searches are not often done by the users. It is not actually a popular search. But the word “Hosting” is much powerful since number of users searching for “Free Web Server Hosting”. Therefore the users will get search results indicating the free web hosting website links. This misleading is reduced for a considerable extent through providing a detailed
description on the Site that the page is included in right side of the user. There are many more innovations behind Bing so that could challenge Google.
This is yet an open battle since Bing is ranked as number 25 in the World Wide Web according to Alexa Site Rankings. From the users’ perspective, Google has reduced its customer base from 72.5% to 64.42% from September 2010 to March 2010. Bing has increased from 23.64% to 30.0% during the same period. This is emphasized by a research conducted by One News Page as 55% of participants were ready to shift from Google to Bing. Also 90% of Internet users would like to use the metaphor “to Bing it” when doing an internet search.
The battle is still open and it can be changed so far. Microsoft has a challenge to gain its reputation which is considerably easier than the challenge Google has to face. Google’s challenge is to Hold Reputation.

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