Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEXiT 2011 – The National Exhibition of Information Technology

Since early days, a doctor is a Trademark of an excellence. The reason is that a huge amount of people were facilitated by their service. But today, a Software Engineer is also considered as a symbol of excellence. The reason is that everyone is getting benefitted by Information Technology today. We know what are the available technologies. But the doubt is that are we using them at the certain situations? We do need to use the most applicable and the suitable technology from the bunch of available technologies.
Are Sri Lankans really benefited by the Information Technology? it is true that we are having certain limitations with investing money and other resources. But the wastage spent for the other alternatives might have been used in a utilized manner. We are using cars to drive at a speed of a rickshaw to travel from Fort to Bambalapitiya. Galle Road is highly dense with vehicles sometimes. But we do not get to know that early. How long a rural citizen waste waiting for a bus in a bus halt? That person must have fertilized his paddy fields in that time. How can a disable person use a computer? They might have been foreign currency earners for the country if they were benefited with the proper equipments. Data entry can be voice commanded and might have saved finger tips of thousands.

Where is innovation? It is here.

The Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa has gained a keen reputation on being innovative for the 10 years since its establishment. The 10th anniversary of this Mother of Innovation is colored with a national level exhibition named NEXiT 2011, the third successor of the Unlocking Young Minds exhibition series. Over 15,000 crowd were attracted to the Unlocking Young Minds 2006 and the attraction continued towards 2009 in the Unlocking Young Minds II.
Numbers of innovative projects will be there from 24th – 26th May 2011 atFaculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa for the every single entertainer of the Information Technology.
The game zone challenges the gamers all around the country to show their talent in front of the general public. Thousands of gamers will be tested with their talents in front of the opponents they have never seen.
So, it is you guys who are warmly welcomed to The World of Unknown.

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