Friday, October 26, 2018

Azure Monitor for virtual machines

In Microsoft Ignite Microsoft VM team have announced number of services and products that they are going to launch in near future. One of it was public preview of Azure Monitor for VMs. According to Microsoft, users can view Health, Performance, Dependencies of a VM easily.

How to access?

To view details about Azure VMs just navigate to your Azure VM blade. From there users can check single VM. Also users can check the deployment statuses that all the VMs behaving as expected.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Azure VM Image Builder: Private Preview

Windows Azure were more popular in creating VMs (Virtual Machines) in your cloud and login remotely to them and access them as remotely. By the time Microsoft has implemented number of images (OS) to install in to it. Now they are expanding the ability to create images by users or customers. They have introduced the private preview of Azure VM Image Builder, a service which allows users to have an image building pipeline in Azure. To configure the image creation set up with Azure VM Image Builder, you can take an ISO or Azure Marketplace image and start creating your own golden images in a few steps.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Azure Front Door Services - Public Preview

In the earliest era of Microsoft there were huge struggle to increase the scalability and performance. People / Users asked continuously to scale the products without decreasing performance or security. Microsoft's cloud implementations age around 10 years. With the time these solutions have gradually increased performance as well as other factors such as reliability and agility. Scalability is one of the core values of cloud and being on cloud has made it possible. 

As time grew, the enterprise level services has improved quite vastly and products such as Office and Skype are currently on cloud and are being used by many companies over the years. 

Azure Front Door Services is the latest enterprise grade product that joins other giants such as Office and Skype. Scalability is guaranteed along with security and high availability for Azure Front Door Services.