Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mobile Device Management for Office 365 at Collab 365

Collab 365 is around the corner. About two weeks time left for October 7th and 8th with the time flying so fast. I will be doing a session on "Mobile Device Management for Office 365" this time. All the recordings are done and now need to do the final touches and submit the pre-recorded session.

In this session I speak about the advantages and features associated with Mobile Device Management. Also a few cool demos included in order to show how easy it is to activate Mobile Device Management for Office 365, how to setup the device policies and also how to add a Workplace account to Windows Phone and see the policies get set up. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Response 429 for SharePoint REST API

Recently I got to work on an instance where it continuously made many REST API calls to SharePoint within a limited amount of time. It was a set of workflows where around 2000 workflows started at a limited amount of time. To make things worse, all these workflows were started from the same user. 

The response 429 is for Too Many Requests.