Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Store Certification and Common Mistakes

As you all know, Windows 8 gives a lot of advantages for the developers, specially entrepreneurship a good platform to compete with grand scale products. It was Apple who introduced it and Google who ruined it with rubbish apps and now its Microsoft who comes with certain quality requirements and specifications that an app must fulfill to be featured in the Windows  store. As same as in all other platforms, there are few key areas that you need to concentrate on if you need a killer app to be put in.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Imagine Cup 2012 – Brought it back 2 earth

Some said, Imagine Cup Sri Lanka deserves to be in the IT Faculty. Some said this time it’s IIT going to win as they got 16 teams out of the 32 or 33 local finalists. Some gave “Pora talks” saying with a gadget on the arm, they can save the lives of blind. Some asked how a team of 3 with one being suspended can win over with such a morale. Things went upside down sometimes when felt the danger of being disqualified at a point. We had enough stuffs to laugh at with some advises by genius on showing impressions on Facebook. Missing a member who cared that time as a brother was another. But we had a cool captain who did not give a damn about odds against us and a designer who was hardworking. With a mentor who was not only a mentor at sometimes, we came to the local finals.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Programming with HTML 5 Web Sockets @ Sri Lanka .NET Forum, April 2013 Meetup

This is the my first presentation for the .NET Forum Sri Lanka and thought of presenting something that has been new and exiting yet not well sung which is the web socket programming feature that comes with HTML 5. If you have visited Cricinfo website, you might have seen the scorecard getting updated every 15 seconds. This is done by refreshing the particular div every-time using Ajax. Practically, there is no way a ball being bowled every 15 seconds and the server bandwidth gets wasted in hundreds and thousands times.