Monday, February 5, 2018

SPFx Introduction at IT Faculty UOM

An introduction session on what is SharePoint Framework and how can any developer from different technology stacks can start using it straight away was held at IT Faculty premises for the students who completed their industrial training 6 months.

Although it was a totally new thing for most of them, they were delighted what is supported by SharePoint Framework and how can it help different applications from different technology stacks can help connect with SharePoint.

Branching Logic in SharePoint Surveys

Surveys in SharePoint has helped us a lot for the businesses. You can easily setup a survey and record the input data in a SharePoint list. Branching logic makes it much easier for surveys to have the IF-ELSE conditions within the surveys. 

I have setup a sample survey that is intended to collect feedback from participants of a work survey. 

Work survey list settings page
 As the image shows, I have a question that asks whether the user is happy about the service or not. 

I will only need to get the negativity feedback only if the attendee is not happy. 

Likewise, I only need positive feedback if attendee is happy. 

After laying out the questions, I am going to the question settings page of the first question: Are you happy with the work?