Monday, December 31, 2018

Chef and Microsoft Azure

Have you ever wondered that what is the capability of Azure when you are using open source tools? Azure works great when using those products such as ‘Chef’. 
So azure interfere with chef and it will be the most valuable moment in chef’s time. It is that much easy and user friendly
Microsoft has worked hard to make the partnership and collaboration with Chef to deliver automation tools that help you with cloud adoption. Now you can use chef directly in Azure Cloud Shell, as well as the new Chef Developer Hub in Azure Docs.
Why Chef
As everyone know there are number of tools to do the automation like Ansible and Terraform that are already available. Chef delivers the new feature called Chef Inspec and pre-installed and ready to use for every Azure user in the Azure Cloud Shell. 
This makes azure super simple and no installation or pre configuration needed.

Source: Azure Blog

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Protect Linux containers running in IaaS with Azure Security Center

We are living in a world where business solutions are converting their applications to be container based. Containers are gradually increasing its popularity and people keen to move to containers and can grab some advantages of it. There are advantages for both developers and admins. Quick deployments, Fast Iterations are few of them. But the thing is when users scale their containers there must be a security system to overcome security problems and protect containers.
Azure Security Center, the hybrid security management and threat preventing center is equipped with capabilities to secure the Linux containers. 

1.     Visibility to the containers hosted on IaaS Linux machines

There is a new tab to display all virtual machines with Docker.
Source: Azure Blog

Information related to the containers on the machine, such as Docker version and the number of images running on the host are among the additional information provided via the Azure Security Center.