Sunday, September 5, 2021

Advantage of using B2C in your next application

Gone are the days you spend days building the security functionalities like Login,  Registration and Password Reset.  There are plenty of modern authentication mechanisms that can be plugged and played such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Live and so on. What is there is a way you can use all of them in matter of clicks?

Recently I was involved in a project where we wanted the users within the organization as well as outside the organization to use the predefined functionalities within a single web portal. With organization already having an active Office 365 subscription along with Azure Active Directory Premium, employees can be directly authenticated via that directly. 

It is a matter of creating an OpenID connection between the Azure AD tenant and the AD B2C tenant. One of the biggest advantages is being able to use the AD defined policies as it is so the user accounts are secure as ever.  For example, if the AD tenant is a Premium and the Multi Factor Authentication is enabled, it will be available when connected to B2C as well. 

Another major advantage is you can add as many as properties you like for the B2C user profiles.  May be the permission levels, user location info and so more. Although the custom new properties need to be updated via an API, there are plenty of properties you can alter with.  

Single Sign-On works smoothly as the users can use the same credentials, have a central reset point according to what the AD admins define. 

What is woow about the outside users are they can be configured to sign up as well as sign in with a matter of a few UI setups. Also the properties required  can be predefined and once signed up, they can reset their own passwords so no need of a help desk. If you configure to use other authenticators such as Facebook, Google and even WeChat,  whatever happens with those credentials will be impacted here. 

Pricing is very reasonable as first 50,000 users cost nothing and its very minimum you need for additional users if you ever need.  

With a maximum of 20 B2C tenants possible for a single subscription, what shall be your strategy when setting up? Will discuss in a few days.

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