Monday, October 8, 2018

Azure Front Door Services - Public Preview

In the earliest era of Microsoft there were huge struggle to increase the scalability and performance. People / Users asked several times to scale the products without decreasing performance or security. So this led Microsoft to build large, enterprise grade network and application infrastructure to solve reliability, scalability, performance and agility problems and took around 10 years via cloud journey. The result was the y made some enterprise services from Bing, Office, Skype, Azure, etc to overcome those challenges. And it led to developing unique infrastructure and services, battle-tested by years of constant support for Microsoft’s largest businesses.

Now they are releasing another huge project called Azure Front Door Service and its enterprise-grade  service and the public preview of newest addition to the Azure Networking and Azure’s application delivery suite of products. It is highly secure and highly available entry point for delivering your high performance global hyperscale apps.

What is Front Door?

This is kind of a secure door for you web or mobile application. It gives a APIs, and/or cloud services with always-on reliability, high performance, easy scalability and simplified connectivity to your applications. Deployed to the edge of Microsoft’s global network, Front Door gets your application delivery story right to the doorstep of your users.

Why front door?

·        Application acceleration 
With anycast, and using Microsoft’s massive private global network, users can accelerate their applications and directly connect to Azure deployed backends. This cost a very low latency and higher throughput to your end users.
·        HTTP load balancing 
Users can build their application with more reliable aspect across regions and and users are now capable of having “always-on” web site availability experience.
·        Path based routing 
Enables independent routing all under your single global domain and will be powers global microservice applications.
·        A single pane of glass 
To monitor and gain insight into your user’s traffic and your distributed backend service’s health.
·        IPv6, custom SSL certs, rate limiting, and a myriad of features 
Provides the customizability to enable you to suit your application’s core needs.

If a user needs to migrate an existing global web site to Azure or building a modern application from scratch or just promoting your small business, along with the rest of Azure’s application delivery suite of products Traffic Manager, Application Gateway, Load Balancer, Azure CDN, and now the Azure Front Door Service.

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