Monday, October 8, 2018

Azure Front Door Services - Public Preview

In the earliest era of Microsoft there were huge struggle to increase the scalability and performance. People / Users asked continuously to scale the products without decreasing performance or security. Microsoft's cloud implementations age around 10 years. With the time these solutions have gradually increased performance as well as other factors such as reliability and agility. Scalability is one of the core values of cloud and being on cloud has made it possible. 

As time grew, the enterprise level services has improved quite vastly and products such as Office and Skype are currently on cloud and are being used by many companies over the years. 

Azure Front Door Services is the latest enterprise grade product that joins other giants such as Office and Skype. Scalability is guaranteed along with security and high availability for Azure Front Door Services. 

What is Front Door?

Imagine having a single door connecting multiple rooms. Azure Front Door is just like that, but with more features. You may have multiple Microservice applications that are in need to be inter connected and distributed to provide higher performances and availability. Azure Front Door is capable of getting the correct response to the end user by traveling all those long distance smarter. 

Why front door?

·        Application acceleration 
     Users can directly deploy the services to Azure with anycast and Microsoft's private global network. The latency will be lower and effective response is delivered to the users. 

·        HTTP load balancing 
Applications can be made to be highly responsive with multiple ends at the application level so the requested are routed effectively. Also this means, upgrades can be pushed without services being down at all. 
·        Path based routing 
You can have a single domain and host multiple Microservices under it so it is less hazel, secure and do not need to overcome Cross-domain conflicts.
·        Monitor Traffic and Evaluate
User traffic can be monitored and evaluate the health as well as make some decisions if necessary as it can show any traffic conflicts. 
·        Security and Core Features
Security, availability and many other necessities are facilitated and become more customizable thanks to Front Door. IPV6 is supported and SSL Certs can be added so the requests are secured in communications.

As it can be seen in the image above, responses and requested that are routed through connection pooling are optimized at the Azure Front Door Service. Even whether you are creating something totally new, or migrating existing solution to Azure or just testing an app, you can tryout Azure Front Door Service with them.


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