Sunday, September 30, 2018

Azure Boards for DevOps

Azure Boards is provide a unique experience for the developers, managers and administrators to work collaboratively in one team. Users can create, manage and arrange your tasks and bugs with a higher degree of customization support. Users have the ability to decide the template for the project at the beginning of the project. While customized processes can also be defined along with custom entity types and statuses, set of features supported by default are very helpful for most of the times. 

Work items

You can define custom work item types in the project configuration. Also there are custom work item states can be defined based on the entity type. Further, the work items tab, which shows information as a table is very much customizable with the columns of the user choices. 

When you open a work item, you can see a default set of fields such as the title, assignee and status. Then the lower area of a work item is tabbed into different areas based on the need. 


A newly created project through DevOps always created with pre-configured template that to manage the flow of the work. You can configuire those templates under Organization Settings. These boards are highly customizable and allows user to customize the views for each project. Boards support swim lanes, card customization, conditional formatting, filtering, and some more.


A backlog suggest whats left to do. Backlogs are managed in well defined structures that include user stories and features. 



Sprints make it easy to manage the product releases and list the tasks that are assigned to each person in the team. When needed, a task can be assigned from the backlog to a devloper. Task board shows where each task is at with a number for each state. Task burn-down chart allows to show how the tasks are being completed with the time. These enable delivery of a development sprint to be more effective and can monitor effectively. 


Whenever someone wants to get an overall idea about the whole project an access the dashboard and it will show all the charts and comes complete with a rich canvas for creating dashboards. There are plenty of widget templates to choose and show the data for tracking progress. Charts, numbered views and various other graphics are there.


Query engine is so fast and so effective as it allows customizations to a greater extend. It allows user to measure what user exactly tracking, creating easy to monitor KPIs. Depending on the need of the week or sprint, different query views can be pinned to the dashboards.

Images are captured through Azure Blog.


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