Monday, September 10, 2018

Azure IOT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

Couple of years ago Azure Released Azure IoT Hub based on Microsoft Azure to control and manage billions of devices, transferring data to the cloud to gain some business insights for their customers and the needs are growing rapidly. Now they have released IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid to simplify their customer needs. It will gain more insights into actions by simplifying the architecture of IoT solutions.

Advantages include:

  • Automating workflows with apps like Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps is now easy with the event grid. Since they are serverless architectures, it works well with event hub. Even the user can downstream the processes.
  • Will always alert about the device status such as creation, deletion, connection, and disconnection of devices. And the response time is really quick.
  • It will always reduce the complexity expense of polling services. This is integrated with events, with 3rd party applications using webhooks such as ticketing, billing system, and database updates

solutions with other powerful Azure services or 3rd party applications. Many important device related events such as created, deleted, connected and disconnected are handled in an efficient manner. 
Services are available across multiple regions and many services support sending events to the event grid. Many Azure services including Azure Automation, Azure Functions, Logic Apps and many more are supportive for handling events. A full list of capabilities are shown in the image below. 

Image Source: Azure Blog

There are 3 mains ways an Azure Event Grid can work

  • Serverless application architectures
  • Operation Automation
  • Application integration

Azure Event Grid offers 100,000 operations free for every month. The rest are handled on pay-per-event model which is explained here.

The full article on Azure blog with more details is available here

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