Thursday, September 13, 2018

An Overview of Azure DevOps

Developers loved having VSTS as they had everything beginning from writing code to automating build deployment. Now we have Azure DevOps. Not just we have them now, your VSTS projects may be transferred to Azure DevOps soon. This means all the domains will be migrated to domains. Also it is likely that on-premises versions of TFS will also be called as Azure DevOps with next releases.

Azure DevOps is introduced to uprise the standards of developing software solutions with ease and reliability. Now you do not need to pay a third party company some extra money for maintaining your task views. They all can be done with Azure DevOps. 

Azure DevOps consists of attractive set of features that help manage work items easily. When I say work items, it does not has to be development work. I have tried with some administrative works as well. So far, a good choice for almost no price. 

Azure Boards
Azure Boards are very much customizable and colorful. Azure boards support different views as well as custom queries can be configured to run and display as widgets. 

Azure Artifacts

Maven, npm, and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources

Azure Repos

Users can enjoy the Git features such as pull requests, commits and file management with multiple repositories hosted on cloud. 

Azure Test Plans

All in one planned and exploratory testing solution. 

Azure Pipelines
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are supported with Azure pipelines. As of now, unlimited build time is available along with 10 jobs that can be run in parallel for each open source project. There are already many reputed projects using Azure Pipelines for CI and CD processes.