Saturday, September 1, 2018

Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.3.0 provides Multi-member consortium support

Recently Azure Blockchain workbench has released and seems its popular now. The Happy News is the Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.3.0 has released with Multi-member consortium support. Users can now upgrade their deployments to 1.3.0 or either users can create a new instance of workbench. To upgrade you can use upgrade script that released by Microsoft.
Once upgrade following enhancements will be added
It is fast and more reliable
Microsoft always check their telemetry to identify issues that affect to their customers, and decided to made some changes to make deploying Workbench more reliable. And faster.
Transaction reliability is much better
Microsoft has made a massive improvement for monitoring in version 1.1.0 and there are reliability improvements to the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Watcher and DLT Consumer Microservices. The usual error message “It looks like something went wrong …” might appear.

Multi-member Ethereum PoA consortium

Deploying to Workbench and connecting the deployment to an already available Ethereum-based network is easier with the feature available in the latest release. Apart from that, a new Standalone Ethereum PoA solution was release by Microsoft. That can be used access for the members within a consortium. 

Workbench can be deployed as per any of the following 3 methods. 

1.     Single-Member System:
Source: Azure Blog

Multi-Member System Deployed in One Member’s Subscription:

Source: Azure Blog

      3.  Multi-Member System Deployed in One Shared Subscription:

Source: Azure Blog

Deploying with Azure AAD 

Once you are deploying a workbench according to Workbench deployment instructions it may be a huge task. But with the PowerShell scrip released by Microsoft recently, automation becomes much easier. Feel free to find it on GitHub.

Azure blog article with detailed explanations can be found here.

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