Sunday, July 15, 2012

Understanding Windows 8 Metro Development

As you know, Windows 8 is going to be a killer as a next generation application. Being to metro gives that ability to implement it along with the Windows Phone 8 as well. This may make a quite revolutionary impact on the user experience. Some may say it is something new that they need to adopt for metro app development. Actually, there is no rocket science in it. All you need is to be capable of adopting for that.
What’s the difference between Desktop and Modern Apps?
Designing is one of the key issues faced by the desktop application developers. Metro apps provide a single chromeless window that occupies the entire screen. The good thing is that these apps can be accessed smoothly by using touch, pen, keyboard or mouse.

Developer’s Choice
Basically a developer can choose either any of these language combinations for developing the application.
1) JavaScript and HTML
2) C#/VB and XAML
3) C++ and XAML
4) C++ and DirectX
These combinations of choices make it anyone even with a markup level knowledge be able to develop apps simply. So, isn’t it way easier than the traditional desktop application development?
Project Templates
1) Split App
Ideal when users might want to switch quickly among the items, and where the list might be updated dynamically. Examples include a news reader, a sports scores app, or an email app.
2) Grid App
Good when you need to allow users to browse through categories to find content in which they will want to fully immerse themselves. Examples shopping apps, news apps, and photo or video apps.
3) Blank App
This template provides a minimal Metro style app that compiles and runs, but contains no user interface controls or data.
4) Navigation App
This JavaScript template provides the basic navigation, app desktop toolbar (appbar), and media mode–based layouts that are used in the Grid App and Split App templates. The Navigation App template contains only one minimal page fragment to which you can easily add more page fragments. You can then add your own content.
5) Fixed Layout App
This JavaScript template provides a minimal Metro style app that is the same as the Blank App template except that its content is meant for a fixed viewport. This project template is recommended for most game apps developed in JavaScript.
6) DirectX App
This C++ template helps you to build a Metro style app with DirectX.

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