Thursday, August 8, 2013

Windows Phone App Studio: Easiest Way on The Earth To Create A Smartphone App

It was earlier the days where websites were built with huge efforts. Content Management Systems made things easier. Creating Smartphone apps is not that easy on any platform except on Windows. Now Microsoft has made that much easier. Can you imagine creating an app in a same span of time you create a simple blog by selecting a template and adding some content?

In-fact it take 10-15 minutes to load the Android Emulator. But you just need a three-quarter of that to create a full functional app for Windows Phone. 

Creating an app with Windows Phone App Studio is just 4 steps away.
  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Add Content
  3. Choose Style
  4. Submit for Build

Once you submit the app request, Microsoft sends you an email by uploading the app package to Skydrive. Then it is just a matter of installing and using. 

For more information, visit the Windows Store

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