Friday, July 4, 2014

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services @ Sri Lanka .NET Forum, July 2014 Meetup

I got the opportunity to do my fourth Sri Lanka .NET Forum presentation on 3rd July 2014. This time the topic was "Microsoft Azure Mobile Services". I had recently engaged with the Azure Mobile Services for working on the app we created for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 called "LiveZen". To give more details about the Azure Mobile Services, here is what Microsoft says.

Azure Mobile Services provides a scalable and secure backend that can be used to power apps on any platform–iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. It’s easy to store app data in the cloud or on-premises, authenticate users, and send push notifications, as well as add your custom backend logic in C# or Node.js.

The presentation went fine with a good crowd and had a successful Q and A session with many questions asked by people from the audience. I mainly focused on demonstrating the steps to create a backend easily within few minutes and connect to the database. 

Azure actually provide much advanced features such as Single Sign-On support, enhanced security and scaling servers and ect... Would like to cover them in a future presentation.

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