Saturday, November 21, 2015

Speaking at European SharePoint Conference

I am writing this about a week after the European SharePoint Conference 2015 while on the way back to Sri Lanka after a tour in Germany. 

It was a good opportunity to speak at the Europe's largest SharePoint Conference which was held at Stockholm, Sweden this year. I got to deliver the session T9, which was on Exploring the Potentials of Skype for Business. 

Its no doubt that Skype for Business has made a huge progress over the past few years as a Unified Communication Tool for enterprises. The numbers are ever growing and so does the features and the capabilities. I started with a little introduction to what are the cool features that were not much used or highlighted within the people though they can make your days productive. It included 2 demos including a basic introduction and then a deep dive in to meeting capabilities. 

The second section was on some stats about how much do organizations save and what are the ways of reducing the costs. 

The third section was about the Skype Developer Platform on some possible implementations that can make the days productive for the users by customizing the Skype experience and making it available even via web. 

Got a lot of good reviews and questions to be answered. All in all its a good experience. 

After the speaking session I attended a few sessions focused on SharePoint development. Also taking part in the Hackathon was a great experience being a one man team. 

I shall thank the European SharePoint Community for organizing such a great event and can be seen that as an end result of a lot of hard work.

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