Sunday, April 28, 2019

MS Flow Options for Azure DevOps

Microsoft Flow is in the Microsoft's business application platform to work on IFTT basis. It has many connectors and Azure DevOps triggers have been added recently along with some of them being on preview.

Firstly, lets look at the triggers.

As it can be seen, the build completion, work item actions (creation, update, assigning and closing) as well as code actions are included for checkins. One question that may raise is why use Flow over inbuilt options on Azure DevOps when build happens? Both has their good and bad. With Flow, you get the ability to connect to many other platforms. Name it a OneDrive document, Tweet, email or any what you like. 

On the other hand, their are multiple actions can be actioned using MS Flow as well. 

As it is shown in the two images below, users have multiple actions associated with DevOps for various options such as work items, builds and custom queries. 

So as you can see, if you are using DevOps and you are looking to maximize the options around it, DevOps connector for MS Flow can help you achieve better results. 

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