Friday, June 28, 2019

Serverless with Azure Kubernetes Service

As I have said before, Kubernetes is the future and organizations are migrating to containers. That makes Azure a top choice in the industry. Even non container based solutions right now are planned with intentions to get into cloud in future. 

Speed, reliability and portability are among the main reasons for people to move to containers. Those qualities make virtual machines a less preferred option. Self healing reduces maintenance overlook needs.

AKS virtual nodes come into extend these amazing capabilities available by default. Azure Virtual Nodes combine the power of Azure Container Instances with support of AKS. The cost calculations are simpler and will be lower as they are calculated per second. Another big advantage is being able to scale higher when there is an instant demand. This will ensure the instances run smooth as the number of containers added will be enough to have a proper supply. Simply, most of the work can be done using the existing tools and knowledge. 

There is an option to enable the Virtual Nodes when you go to your AKS cluster.  

Source: Azure Blog

Azure Container Instances come with GPU support by default. Supported GPU classes are K80, P100, and V100. Other than just specifying the type of the GPUs you need, you can also customize the number of GPU’s you need.
AKS virtual node is based on Virtual Kubelet (VK) project which is open source project and That is the core of AKS virtual node. There is a API that can be extend to support non-traditional compute environments like ACI.
EG: AWS Fargate, Alibaba ECI, and Azure IoT Edge.
The best part is Microsoft is now contributing to the VK project as well.

Read full article on Azure Blog here.


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