Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What is a Proximity Placement Group?

When you have a larger Virtual Machine architecture it is important to ensure they are located as close as possible. This will ensure the effective communication between resources by reducing the latency between the two VMs.

You can simply start creating a Proximity Placement Group on Azure via the portal.

Currently only India Central does not have support for creating Proximity Placement Groups.

Once the Proximity Placement Group is created, you can add Virtual Machines to it. When you go to the Advance tab of your new VM creation wizard, you can see an option for selecting the Proximity Placement Group.

If you already have provisioned VMs for different work roles, they can be moved to aProximity Placement Group once they are shut down. This allows you to use scale sets as well as availability sets more efficiently and then ensure a cost effective, yet a highly available service is provided. 

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