Sunday, November 14, 2021

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework: Where to start?

 With my brief time of over 6 years on Azure, I have involved with many migrations, new developments as well as lift and shifts. One question that every instance had in our minds was where to start? This is a very business critical question. Developers often like to see good processes and practices while managers do like to see results soon. End of the day one of the key unclear reason to go to cloud is believing cloud can do super stuffs at a lower price. Is it so?

There are many industry standards and practices such as TOGAF that are being used but none is specific for the particular cloud service. 

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework introduces several stages that you can benchmark your cloud journey and move forward from where you are.  As an Architect, you may land on an already in progress project or totally new one. Either way you can start using the Cloud Adoption Framework. 

There are six stages defined as 

  1. Plan - Skills,  Path definitions
  2. Ready - Identify landing zones
  3. Migrate - Migration guides and best practices
  4. Innovate - Brining new features in
  5. Govern - Benchmarking the cloud scenarios
  6. Manage - Handling operations

You can begin adoption from anywhere among these. If your project has already completed, you can consider govern and manage actions.  

Beauty of this framework is it is a frequently updating one. But do not misunderstand as will be difficult to keep up with the changes while you are in progress. The Cloud Journey Tracker helps you stay confident.

Cloud Journey Tracker is one of the many assessments you can make via the Microsoft Assessments Center.  Further you can convert them into Azure. DevOps tasks and track the progress as the time burns.

So what are you waiting for?  Start Now.

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