Monday, February 6, 2023

Azure Load Testing goes GA

Azure Load Testing allows you to conduct your workloads hosted on cloud.  While there are definite room for new features, it has been announced as Generally Available.  Creating an Azure Load Test instance on Azure is very easy. Hence, I will start with a created instance. 

In the quotas section you can see the quotas associated with the test instance. It also explains how the quotas are applied at subscription level. 

In the Tests section you can browse all the test instances created. It allows two types of tests. 

1. Quick tests
Simple url hit tests where you have the option to hit a url with virtual users and attempt a test. 

You can simply run it by specifying the url. 

This is very basic script with no option even to setup a header. Ideal for public urls.

2. JMeter scripts

JMeter allows create advanced tests and will cover with another article. 

So, are you ready to test? 

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