Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Azure Cloud Shell Editor with Visual Studio Code

For the Azure portal, Microsoft has announced Azure Cloud Shell and enriched with cloud-native command-line environment and can access from any device and anywhere in the world. And People loved it so much and it’s easy to use. The specialty is, it works as Bash or PS(PowerShell).
Microsoft made Cloud Shell even more powerful. There is automatic authorization for pre-installed open source tools like TerraformAnsible, and InSpec. And the best part is Visual Studio Code team team has embed Cloud Shell inside of Visual Studio Code and the Azure mobile app team has integrated Cloud Shell into the Azure mobile app. And this will allow easy access from any device to anywhere.

There are a variety of editors (vi, emacs, nano) for editing files from Cloud Shell. To bring even more flexibility to how you edit files, Microsoft has announced the launch of a graphical editor embedded directly in Azure Cloud Shell.Through collaboration with the Visual Studio Code team and their open-source Monaco project, the same web-standards based editor that powers Visual Studio Code is now integrated directly into Cloud Shell.

Monaco provides features like syntax coloring, auto completion, and code snippets. And this includes a file explorer to easily navigate the Cloud Shell file system for seamless file exploration. And the magic is, by simply typing “code .” to open the editor’s file explorer from any Cloud Shell web-based experience.

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