Sunday, August 19, 2018

Windows Container Support in Azure App Services: Public Preview

Containers are on the rise and Azure is supporting the containers as much as they can. Windows Container Support in Azure App Services come in as result of the increasing need for developers to know and control what is installed inside a container. This is right now on public preview. 

Application modernization now become very easy with this feature

Quoting from Microsoft Azure Blog, following opportunities are available. 
  •  Lift and Shift to PaaS – When a developer wants to  migrate .NET Framework and .NET Core applications to Azure, and is trying to transform straight to a PaaS service to get the many productivity benefits from the App Service platform.
  • Relaxed security restrictions – The Windows Container is an isolation and security boundary, When deploying a containerized application. Normally Libraries will be blocked by Azure App Service and instead of it will be succeed when running inside of a Windows Container
  • Third-party application migration – Customers often have business critical applications developed by third parties with which the company no longer has a relationship. Containerizing these types of applications unlocks the opportunity to migrate applications to Azure App Service.
  • Applications with dependencies – Ina scenario, when a developer deploying an app within a Windows Container, it allows to install custom dependencies. Even when a developer wants to install libraries into  Global Assembly Cache (GAC) done by easily.

Available SKUs for Windows Containers

Premium container tier has the options of running Small, Medium or Large containers which have twice the CPU vcores and memory than the earlier in the list. Premium SKUs are included for deploying and hosting Windows Containers. That is great as these offer Dv3 series capabilities. 

Source: Azure Blog
Free previews of these are available through August and the pricing will begin to affect from 13th September. 

Read full article which contains information such as capabilities, on Azure Blog here.

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