Saturday, August 11, 2018

Managed Disk Migration on Azure

Converting the unmanaged disks to managed disks is now easy and will take only a single click. No need for writing any scripts anymore. 

What is a Managed Disk?

Managed disks do manage the storage accounts associated with the Virtual Machine disks. The users has to only specify the type of disks they want as in Standard HDD, Standard SSD or Premium SSD. Azure will create the managed disk for you.

Managed Disk Advantage

  • Storage account limit is not necessarily considered
  • Up to 1,000 instances for the VM Scale sets Created
  • High-availability across the compute and storage resources
  • Azure RBAC allows securing disks, snapshots and images

Migration Procedure

An information banner will appear on the VM Overview slice if the VM you are on is without a managed disk.

Source: Azure Blog

Clicking on the banner will navigate to the migration page. 

Source: Azure Blog

Unless you are on an Availability Set, migration will begin now. Virtual Machines within the availability sets need the availability set migrated first.

Source: Azure Blog

A successfull migration will result in a new disk created as a managed disk.
Source: Azure Blog
Apart from the User Interface, PowerShell or Azure CLI scripts can be used to automate the above procedures. 

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