Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Azure Management Groups now Available

Volla! Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure management groups.
What it does
It organizes all your subscriptions apply governance controls, including as Azure Policy and Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), to the management groups. All subscriptions within a management group automatically inherit the controls applied to the management group.
Even if you have an Enterprise Agreement, Certified Solution Partner, Pay-As-You-Go, or any other type of subscription, this service gives all Azure customers enterprise-grade management at a large scale for no additional cost.
And with this Microsoft introduces a new functionality to Azure that allows customers to group subscriptions together so that you can apply a policy or RBAC role to multiple subscriptions, and their resources, with one assignment. Management groups not only allow you to group subscriptions but also allows you to group other management groups to form a hierarchy.

How it Works
In this hierarchy you can apply a policy, for example, VM locations limited to US West Region on the group “Infrastructure Team management group” to enable internal compliance and security policies. And it will inherit in to both EA subscriptions under that management group and will apply to all VMs under those subscriptions. But in this policy will not be inherit by the resource or subscription owner allowing for improved governance.
you can reduce your workload and reduce the risk of error by avoiding duplicate assignments by using management groups. Instead of applying multiple assignments across numerous resources and subscriptions, you can apply the one assignment on the one management group that contains the target resources. Users can save time in the application of assignments, creates one point for maintenance, and allows for better controls on who can control the assignment.
Another scenario where you would use management groups is to provide user access to multiple subscriptions. By moving multiple subscriptions under that management group, you have the ability create one RBAC assignment on the management group which will inherit that access to all the subscriptions. Without the need to script RBAC assignments over multiple subscriptions, one assignment on the management group can enable users to have access to everything they need.
As users continue to develop management groups within Azure, new and existing services will be integrated to provide even more functionality.

Get started with Azure Portal

By visiting  management group documents to see the great functionality that you can start of management groups, or dive right in, go right to management groups in the Azure portal and select “Start using management groups” to start your new hierarchy. 

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