Monday, November 13, 2017

Fall APAC MVP Community Connect - Seoul 2017

MVPs are special. Meeting many within the APAC region in a single venue for networking is extra special. There are speakers, bloggers, community organizers and many more with different skills in different technology focuses. When we blend in with different cultures and technologies, it generates new ideas and create new opportunities such like visiting each other for different communities. I missed the event last year so wanted to make it to Seoul this time. I never thought it would be this awesome until I came in here.  
The event held from 10th to 12th November 2017 and it covered most of the aspects of a technology networking event. The event venue for the first day and accommodation were provided at the Shilla hotel, which is a top rated and well deserved place. 


Complementary chocolates were served and I took not much time to eat them all. The view out of the hotel window is fantastic as it has a long view with vibrant colors. The Namsan Tower was visible from a distance and look nice especially when it is lights up. 

Dinner on 10th was described and specially served by the Chef and the crew of the hotel. Breakfasts had a vibrant choice of items. 

Microsoft Korea

If you think the hotel had a good view, this was better. You can see a range of mountains drive through the ancient palace as well as the president's house. Employees of this company got no reason not to be creative. Day two events were held in here and the vicinity. Included TED talks, speaking and finally a real team building activity. My step counter showed I walked more than 15,000 steps for nearly two hours. That is not less than 10 kilometers. Luckily the weather was reasonably cold and walking was fun and got to talk a lot with the Korean MVPs. They were very kind and helpful.

Finally we walked down again and had a fantastic dinner with the whole team. Unfortunately I could not make it to the Namsan Tower which could have scripted the fun part of the tour way higher.


I shared my experience on how we organized the SharePoint Saturday Colombo to bring 150 people and 4 foreign speakers, how we addressed facilitating each party of sponsors, speakers and audience.

A Big Thank You

We shall thank organizing such an event as it was very helpful and cheerful two days. Also must not forget the warm welcome we received from the Korean MVPs in getting to know the vicinity, history and the culture of South Korea. Hoping to see more events like this in APAC region.

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