Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Azure CosmosDB Explorer

The newly added tool for azure cosmos db is Cosmos DB Explorer.  Days are gone where the Storage Explorer is used instead.

What's Inside
  • Full screen real estate view for the queries and results
  • No need of access of azure subscription portal any more. Rather than accessing through the portal, the connection string can be used to simply access the DB account and collections.
  • Share your query result as read only view with your colleagues. (Does not require Azure portal access)
  • No desktop tools needed anymore. Work with cosmos db directly with Explorer

How to Access
  • Login to your azure portal
  • Click on Azure cosmos db
  • Click on a DB account
  • From Left Navigation, click on "Data Explorer"
  • Then "Open Full Screen"

Image Source: Azure Blog

This will open a new tab and you can access Full View query window. You can set your access as read or read - write for the opening window.

Sharing query window with your Colleagues 
Get the Query window URL (Copy) and send it as read view for your colleagues who doesn't have access to Azure portal. Due to security validations, access granted on the url will expire in a few hours. With the use of a valid DB connection string, users can reconnect.

Direct Access
You can have direct access to azure cosmos db at when you have a connection string for a Cosmos DB.

Image Source: Azure Blog

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