Monday, July 30, 2018

Move your data to Azure with Azure Data Box Disks

May be you need to moved your data to cloud or may be you might consider updating a data set to the cloud. If the data set is smaller,  it is easy as it can get. But how about having terrabytes of data moving to cloud?

It will take time, process may get stuck in the middle and may have to restart or you will run out of bandwidth and so many things can happen. Microsoft knows this and that is why they went beyond terrabytes and provided a solution that can let you even move petabytes of data to Azure. That is Azure Data Box Disk.

It simply follows a procedure where you can Order a Data Box, then fill it once received and then return to be copied to Azure.

Source: Azure Blog
The infrastructure behind is as same as the Azure Data Box. You can request up to five disks per a single order and it provides 35 terabytes of usable capacity per order. 

Data Box Disk contains the same infrastructure and management experience as Azure Data Box.
You can receive up to five 8TB disks, totaling 40TB per order. Data Box Disk is fast, utilizing SSD technology, and is shipped overnight, so you can complete a data transfer job in as little as one week. Data can be copied to a single storage account as well.

Disks can be connected to the source with USB or SATA and then data can be either dragged and dropped or use a faster copying tool. After the data are returned to the Azure Data Center, the data are uploaded securely and erased cryptographically so the security is guaranteed to the maximum at each point. 

Comparison of data Box and Data Box disk

Image Source: Azure Blog

How to Order:

You can sign in to your azure subscription and navigate to

Read more about Azure Data Box Disks here.


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