Saturday, July 23, 2022

What makes Container Apps easier to begin?

Containers will play a major role in enterprise application development in the years to come. Although the terms enterprise and containers together had much love-hate relationship over the skill gaps with container operations such as Kubernetes, that gap has been significantly reduced with the introduction of cloud capabilities such as Azure Kubernetes Services(AKS). 

It still makes it difficult as orchestration is still a learning curve. This is simplified with the recent release with the Azure Container Apps. I see quite a lot of advantages over other options for hosting containers. 

1. Easy to begin.

2. Networking boundaries can be defined. 

3. Ingress can be controlled. 

4. Revisions can be managed. 

It is very much easy to begin as you need to have only 3 things in mind when getting started. 

1. Create container app environment. 

2. Create container app. 

3. Specify container image. 

In enterprise context, the vNet integrations will come into play and even they are very easy to begin with.

Ingress controlling is very much simplified as it can be enabled to either be container apps environment specific, vNet or public. 

Revision management is much simpler as shown in the screenshot above. You can even have multiple revisions and manage the traffic allocation in between. 

It takes just minutes to get an environment bootstrapped and enjoy hosting your containers simply on the cloud. Why just wait?

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